Thursday, September 9, 2010

Online games Kebab Van.

Online Games kebab van.This game story on how to sell and serve customers, but what makes the game ni unique is that we serve customers using this game as well dilengkap kebabs with the various features of the water when they are serving our kebabs are required to provide water to customers
Play Kebab Van online sim game. Serve customers delicious kebabs and make profit. No download required, Kebab Van is a totally free simulation game with html code supplied so you can embed free game into your own web pages. Kebab Van game review, hints, tips. Play Kebab Van online now!
Kebab Van is a simple, yet well developed simulation game where you are the manager of a kebab van in a busy nightclub area. Your management skills are needed to ensure there is enough stock to feed the hungry customers and to make a delicious kebab that keeps the customers satisfied, while you make as much profit as possible.
Simply put, profit is the main aim of the game. At first the customers are a little bit choosy and like plenty of salad on their kebabs and worry about the price of the kebab. As the night progresses and the customers get drunk and come crawling out of the pubs and bars, it's chilli and meat they seem to crave. So keep them as happy as you can and gauge their happiness, as this is the best way to maximize those delicious profits.
You start with $100 to order the stock and you set the ingredients and price that you will charge, which in turn shows you how much profit per kebab you will earn. There are meters to watch during the game that show you how much stock you have on hand and the customers satisfaction level.
Watch the little comment balloons above each customers head after they eat their kebabs. This tells you what they would like added, but as the old saying goes, you can never please 100% of the people all the time, so don't worry about a few wanting more. The satisfaction level will tell you if you are doing a good job and the profit meter is really the one that is all important.
Greed is good! So if greedy customers can feed your greed for profits, it's a win - win situation. Have fun with Kebab Van and push it to it's limits. The biggest disappointment with Kebab Van game is that it's just one level and too short. But the good news is you can keep playing and working that van until you max out your profits.
This game is funny and easy to play, this game matches played by all circles both adults and children, with a beautiful view of this game is very varied in design
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